Sonoman Season

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The Third Annual Sonoman Season

2008 marks the Third Annual Sonoman Season (formerly The Sonoman Festival). The First Two Sonoman Festivals were a wonderful success and the start of a new Sonoma tradition. Participants caught the “Sonoman” spirit and created whimsical, inventive, and truly original displays. Visitors and residents of all ages enjoyed strolling and shopping at Sonoma Valley businesses and viewing the exhibits.

The Sonoman Theme

The Sonoman Festival is designed to involve all the businesses in Sonoma Valley in a seasonal event through the creation of a “Sonoman” character that can be represented in unique and imaginative displays by participants. It provides a central theme that companies can use for promotion of their properties or their products. And it offers a wonderful way for Sonoma to become an inviting winter destination for visitors, as well as a great reason for residents to visit and patronize the businesses in their own back yard.

Our Mission

The Sonoman Festival, unlike many other events, is intended to have a direct economic benefit to retailers and other businesses, uniting them with the goal of creating an appealing and joyful holiday event that attracts residents and visitors to shop, play and stay in Sonoma Valley. The 2008 Sonoman Season has been expanded to a month-long event that will encompass the Sonoma Valley, with major public events centered in the town of Sonoma.

The Original Sonoman

We wish to acknowledge Dave Allen of Artefact Design & Salvage who conceived of the original idea. The Sonoman Season is based on the yearly Snowman parade created by Dave on the Cornerstone Place grounds bordering Highway 121. He took a simple character and created a magical event around it: something that brings a smile to every passerby. The concept was extended into the town of Sonoma and the rest of the Valley as a way to showcase the region and its attributes.

Sonoman Sprit Takes Over Town

On Saturday, November 29 after the Lighting of the Sonomen at Cornerstone, Sonomen will start to pop up all over the Valley. Each business has its individual and often surprising interpretation of the Sonoman theme. Special events and promotions will continue throughout the month of December including carols and live music on the Plaza and in stores; Gallery openings and artist receptions; refreshments and activities and family friendly events.

We Welcome You to the 2008 Sonoman Season!

Meta Strauss

Dyann Espinosa